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November 2, 2017

Rethinking Sunday School

In my role as education director, I often talk with parents about their own experiences in religious school or their children’s experiences.  The children and adults who tell me that they love or loved religious school are definitely the outliers in these conversations (my husband happens to be one of them). My own experience with religious school seems much more normative- I really hated going and would use basically any excuse to get out of attending.  When I knew that…

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Hebrew School Reflections

Now that it is summer, I have been thinking about the successes and failures of the past school year. In addition to attending a Boulder charter school, last year our oldest son attended Shabbat school for the first time. After going to his regular school all day, five days a week, he resisted going to more school to learn Hebrew. And conforming to what I understand is the rule rather than the exception, he tried to get out of it…

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