MazelTogether Peer-to-Peer Events | Host a MazelTogether Event


Friendships. Connections. These are built around doing something meaningful. Sometimes you’re lucky and gatherings that bring you together are easy to find. Sometimes, not so much. MazelTogether is here to help you help yourself, and others, create those gatherings.

Be a MazelMaker and launch some togetherness.

Peer-to-peer gatherings are the place for you to connect with those similar to you in your neighborhoods and community. For some, this happens around the dining table or at the park and for others it happens during learning or sharing a holiday. If you do not see a gathering in our list that is what you are looking for, consider creating one!

Do you have a great idea for bringing Jewish friends, peers and new acquaintances together? Be a MazelMaker and create an event for like-minded souls to get together. From kickball tournaments to cocktail parties, book clubs to parenting events, we are excited to help you get your idea off the ground and start making MazelMemories. Sometimes you have to make your own luck and MazelTogether is here to help.