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Passover 2019

Passover begins Friday, April 19 and ends Saturday, April 27.

Use these resources to help plan your seder or find a place to go with your family! Check out these sections below (you can click on the words):

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Neighborly Seder

While many of us have long standing traditions for our Passover seders, moving to a new community or observing Passover in a new way presents challenges for families. Something as simple as adding small kids into the mix can change how we approach the holiday. We want to help connect neighbors who are in need of a seder to neighbors who have an extra seat or two!

If you need a place for Seder or have a few extra seats and are willing to host new friends, please contact Bethany and Jenn!



Passover Resources


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How To Kondo AND Prep For Passover

Passover is just around the corner! And while we’re technically only supposed to remove leavened bread (chametz) in preparation, this tends to be a good time to get in a good old spring cleaning as well. Read more>>




   . How To Find A Haggadah In Denver by Talia Haykin

When you start planning your seder a few things cross your mind… who should I invite? Where will I get all the chairs?! Jarred gefilte fish or fresh? But if you don’t host seder regularly, you may have an additional concern – what haggadah do I use and where can I find it? If you are reading this well in advance, you still have time to order some online but if you need to find a haggadah in Denver, we have you covered.Read more >>

    . What’s On Your Seder Plate? By Stacey Rosen

If you’re like me, you take a look at the Seder Plate every year and say, “huh. What do I put there?” The space for a bitter herb. Not the maror, but the chazeret. What’s that about? It says bitter herb twice (in English) on my Seder plate, and to be honest, I always thought it was a misprint, you know, the discounted Seder plate that I bought for its color but that sat on the shelf for a while. Ha-ha. Turns out, the joke’s on me. Read more >>

Passover and My Quest for Simplicity by Lauren Ross

With Passover around the corner, Jews around the world are clearing their homes of chametz, a beautiful parallel process to this challenge I’ve placed upon myself. Here are some of the Passover themes that tie in with my quest for simplicity… Read more>>




Home For The Holidays by Lindsay Cutler

The traditional seder plate – matzoh, shankbone, egg, bitter herb, charoset, and karpas – all have meaning, flavor, and a look that invokes the spirit of passover. If your personal beliefs allow a little flexibility in adhering to the KFP label, then Colorado can meet your Passover needs, enriching and perhaps, refreshing your traditions.Read more >>



The Four Questions: A Middle Aged Mom’s Retrospective By Pam Moore

1984: I get to ask the four questions! I get to stay up past my bedtime! I get to look for the Afikomen! I wonder if Elijah will actually sit down with us this time. I will put the Afikomen money directly into my piggy bank.
1996: The seder takes FOREVER. Will anyone notice if I pour myself a glass of wine? Probably not. It looks just like grape juice. And I’m all the way over here at the kid’s table. I have four of my own questions: Why am I at the kids’ table again? When do we get to eat? What is even in gefilte fish? Who am I going to the prom with? Read more >>



Passover Gatherings

Wednesday, April 10
A Taste Of Passover – Chabad Jewish Center South Metro Denver

Sunday, April 14
Model Seder – B’nai Chaim

Monday, April 15
Cteen Pre Passover Event – Chabad Jewish Center South Metro Denver


Friday, April 19
First Night Community Seder – Temple Emanuel
Community Passover Seder – Chabad Jewish Center South Metro Denver
Community Seder in Downtown Denver – Jewish In The City
Community Passover Seder – Jewish Life Center of Stapleton
Passover Seder with Children’s Program – Chabad NW Metro Denver

Saturday, April 20
Community Passover Seder – Chabad Jewish Center South Metro Denver
Cteen Seder – Chabad Jewish Center South Metro Denver
Seder for Young Professionals – Jewish In The City