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Within the Temple Micah community, we talk a lot about being a warm, intimate and contemporary synagogue; and truth be told, it is in our organizational DNA. In the mid 1950’s a small group of Jewish families from Congregation Emanuel sought something different from their synagogue experience. They yearned for flexibility and creativity in the How’s and the Why’s of their educational and ritual program. So, these families began a religious school for their children that evolved into Temple Micah. Since this inception more than five decades ago, Micah has seen a myriad of progress which includes geographical moves, demographic changes and a bevy of talented and unique rabbis. At our foundation, amidst the growth and change of these decades, this organizational DNA served and still serves as the foundational core to the way we face challenges, cultivate our successes and understand and celebrate Judaism.

We are currently a community – located in Park Hill – of approximately 200 families, served by our full-time rabbi, Adam Morris.

Our mission statement: Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God. (Micah 6:8) Together, we at Temple Micah are committed: to learn and teach Torah and the traditions that bind the generations; to uphold the values of tolerance, respect, and compassion for all people; to practice tikkun olam (repairing the world), heal the ills and injustices of the world through tzedakah (charity) and acts of loving kindness. We are a welcoming community in which all may pursue a Jewish life journey.



5209 Montview Blvd. Denver 80207


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