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Judaism Your Way

Judaism Your Way is a nondenominational, non-membership Denver-based outreach organization that welcomes all Jews and their loved ones, including interfaith and LGBT individuals, couples and families. By lowering and eliminating the institutional, attitudinal and financial barriers that can keep people from exploring the Jewish possibilities on their own paths, Judaism Your Way provides a wide range of opportunities for making Jewish participation personal, meaningful and accessible.

Judaism Your Way is staffed by Executive Director Wendy Aronson, Reconstructionist-trained Rabbi Brian Field, Rabbinic Candidate and Associate Director Dr. Caryn Aviv, Rabbi Jessica Kessler Marshall, Open Tent B’nai Mitzvah Educators Amy Kopkin Atkins and Allan Cutler, Development Director Steven Senft, and Communications Director Melissa Hoch. Our range of skills and experiences gives us a sensitivity to a wide variety of Jewish approaches and lifestyles. We see Judaism as a deeply generous, inclusive and flexible spiritual tradition. “Wherever you are on your Jewish journey, we’ll meet you there,” is not only our motto; it’s our principle and it’s our practice.


Melissa Hoch
Communications Director

950 South Cherry Street Suite 310 Denver, CO 80246


Denver Central