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What is JTown?

It is simple! JTown is an organization that creates connections and community! We bring Jews of all ages, and the people who love them, together through adult social programs, engaging family events, alternative worship experiences, and meaningful social action projects.


Is JTown a Synagogue?

No. JTown is a group of diverse Jewish people and families who like to:

  • Meet other Jews
  • Socialize
  • Participate in meaningful social action projects
  • Celebrate our common history
  • Learn about and honor what makes us different from each other

JTown is designed to “Expand Your Jewish Community.” If you belong to a temple, we hope to enhance your experience. If you are not affiliated with a temple, we want you to feel welcome and have a sense of belonging. Come in and help us create what it is you want from your Jewish community.

Jews are as diverse as ever, and Jewish families look very different from one another. JTown wants to create a safe, inclusive and accepting place for all types of Jewish people and their families to create connections and build community.


9515 E Arbor Pl, Englewood, CO 80111


Denver South (S. of Evans)