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Our Vision –

To be meaningful to everyone in the Colorado Jewish community in some way.

Our Mission –

To steward and strengthen Jewish community in Colorado, Israel and the world.

Our Values –

Tzedakah (Charitable Giving), Clal Yisrael (All of Israel), Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World), Derech Eretz (Civility and the Consideration of Others), L’dor VaDor (From Generation to Generation)

Tactical Strategies –

We enter into strategic alliances, deliver quality programs and make grants to other Jewish agencies in order to provide positive impact. We combine the strengths of a foundation, a programming entity and a fundraiser for difficult-to-fund communal needs in order to make Colorado a great place to live Jewishly.


JEWISHcolorado touches the lives of the entire Jewish community.

JEWISHcolorado is the only local organization that focuses on serving the entire, comprehensive Jewish community – individuals and families, people of all ages and stages in life, and people from a wide range of lifestyles, socioeconomic levels, religious perspectives, and levels of Jewish affiliation and observance.

We work to build, sustain, strengthen and convene this richly diverse and incredibly wonderful community.

  • We form alliances with organizations where we can be stronger together. JEWISHcolorado’s collaborative approach is to seek Strategic Alliances with partner organizations when we can both work to increase our effectiveness and reach and multiply the ways we each fulfill our mission and vision.  See our Strategic Alliance partners
  • We offer an eclectic and engaging array of programs.  Our community programs help to create a strong bond among Jews in Colorado, connect one generation to the next, educate and remind us of our heritage and provide enriching experiences for people of all ages. Read about our programs and see upcoming events
  • We empower and inspire the philanthropy of our donors. We leverage the generous contributions of our donors through grant making that is streamlined and strategic, helping us to make the greatest impact in areas our community cares most deeply about.  Read more about our strategic grant making

For more information on community programs contact Heather Flowers at 303.316.6462 or

300 S. Dahlia Street, Suite 300 Denver, CO 80246


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