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Ganeinu is a small, loving bilingual program focusing on the optimum development of the individual child in all development domains.

Ganaynu children learn about Jewish values, history and holidays through stories, fun games, and hands-on activities like baking challah and building their own menorahs.  They learn that Jewish is their proud, joyful and personally meaningful religious heritage.

Ganaynu children learn Hebrew by hearing it spoken by the teachers in their classroom, by fun games that broaden their vocabulary, and via the same songs that preschool children in Israel sing.

The preschool years are an ideal time for children to learn Hebrew.  At that age they effortlessly learn to pronounce the language with a flawless Israeli accent.

Aiming to be Denver’s first and only Jewish Montessori preschool, Ganaynu teachers combine the use of Montessori learning materials with an emphasis on fun creative play and development of social skills.


428 S Forest Street Denver, CO 80246


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