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BMH-BJ Congregation

BMH-BJ provides an inclusive, diverse and passionate Jewish home for people seeking to express and enrich their spirituality in Denver’s largest and most active open and modern orthodox congregation. BMH-BJ establishes a comfortable, participatory environment focused on personal empowerment and authentic Jewish engagement with a vision to deepen the life of the entire Denver Jewish community.

We feature an early childhood education at the BMH-BJ Preschool, featuring an experienced teaching staff that provides plenty of one-to-one interaction with the students. Our teachers enable children to develop an essential sense of their own self-worth, confidence and the willingness to explore the new or unfamiliar, and the ability to play and interact socially with others. The BMH-BJ Synagogue Preschool offers a positive curriculum in which children learn the basics to prepare for their future. Jewish holidays are celebrated in class, helping children get a sense of the ruach (the spirit of their religion and culture). From the earliest ages, the children begin to learn the Aleph-Bet, Hebrew songs, the Shema, brachot and other Jewish prayers.

We welcome new families to the BMH-BJ Preschool with a fifty-percent discount on their second month of tuition.


560 S. Monaco Parkway, Denver, CO 80224


Denver Central