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MazelSpotlight: Pampered Chef

January 20, 2020

Meet Elayne Oligschlager.

A resident of Louisville in the Coal Creek Neighborhood, Elayne and her family have lived in Colorado for 33 years (13 in Arvada and 20 years in Louisville).  They originally came to Colorado because they wanted to find a great place to start a family and she had a brother that lived here. Since her move, Elayne has raised 3 boys in Colorado who are now 31, 28 and 24.  

Elayne is an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef.  Let’s get to know Elayne and find out some tips on how Pampered Chef products can simplify our busy lives…


Why did you become a sales consultant for Pampered Chef?

I originally became an independent consultant for Pampered Chef to own everything in the catalog because I fell in love with all of the products. That was 14 years ago. I could see the quality of the products versus other products I had seen in other stores. I have stayed with Pampered Chef because I want to help people enjoy their kitchen. I have found that when someone has quality products they enjoy cooking more. Also as a consultant I can be there as a resource for my clients and help them with everything they purchase. 


Do you have any advice on buying quality products vs. lower priced items?

When you buy quality products they will last and they will perform the way they were intended. They won’t break quickly. If you purchase lower priced items they don’t last as long and you will have to replace them after a few years. You will end up spending the same amount because you have to replace the item multiple times. This is especially important when purchasing cookware and electric tools. Inexpensive cookware will lose its nonstick quality, possibly peel and end up in your food. 


What are your current goals to educate others on learning how to make cooking easy and fun?

The main reason I have stayed with Pampered Chef is I want to help people. I feel Pampered Chef has added many new tools to make cooking easy and we have lots of fun recipes. We have recently made it more of a focus to make healthy foods quick and easy that all family members will enjoy.

Personally, I love to do shows that show how easy it is to make healthy foods in under 30 minutes. We have also introduced some kids lines so the kids can help with the cooking, which will encourage them to eat healthier. 


What makes Pampered Chef different from other direct selling companies?

Pampered Chef is very supportive of both their consultants and customers. As consultants we can build teams, but we also have to work to benefit. We are all hands on and use our products and work to build relationships with our customers. We also have on staff in our home office people that can answer both our questions and our customers questions. We have dietitians/nutritionists on staff and can answer questions on our recipes and products. We are also a very supportive community and help each other.


Any advice for MazelTogether folks on how to juggle the daily grind of meal planning?

There are few ways they can deal with the daily grind of meal planning. I offer Freezer Meal Workshops where you can prep up to 10 meals for the freezer which can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. Also it would work if you have a list of meals you and your family enjoy and at the beginning of the week decide which meals you would like to make for the week.

If you want to try new recipes there are many recipes on my website and you can look them up by the ingredient. Sometimes I will cut up my vegetables when I get them and put them in containers in my refrigerator so they will already be ready for me when I will need them for a recipe. It can be a time saver and a way to save on clean up. Some of our newer tools allow you to throw everything in the tool and hit a button and it will cook while you are doing other things with your family. 


Tell us about your line of tools for young children to get them to cook and bake at a young age.

  • We have a baking set that comes with a bowl designed to make it easy for kids to hold and won’t slip, measuring cups that are color coded so they don’t have to be able to read, emoji cookie cutters and a fun spatula to stir the food.
  • We carry a pizza set with an easy 5 minute dough recipe on the cutting mat, a small rolling pin, small pizza cutter and a small round stone so they can make their own pizza. 
  • We also sell a soft pretzel making set that includes the cutting mat, pretzel mold, rolling cutter and basting brush. Pampered Chef sells delicious pretzel dough mix. 
  • Lastly, we have a quicksicle maker, ice cream maker, ice cream sandwich maker and cookie cutters and we recently introduced silicone molds to make gingerbread houses and Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 pancake molds.


How does one become a Pampered Chef representative?

You can become a Pampered Chef consultant by purchasing one of 3 different kits. You can start for as little as $99. Each kit is a business in a box with everything you need: catalogs, starter recipes, your apron, your website and the products to get started. To get started you can go to my website and click on join my team. There are also benefits that you can earn beyond your kit, such as more products and cash rewards. 


What are your personal favorite recipes?

I love to make Chicken Fajitas, Chili, Sweet Potato Soup, Flank Steak Tacos, and so many more. I love to constantly try new recipes. 

Pampered Chef’s motto is Enriching Lives. One Meal and One Memory at a Time. At Pampered Chef, they celebrate the power that mealtimes have to become something more: a way to transform relationships, to create traditions, and to build happier and richer lives. Try one of their distinctive, time-saving tools; prepare a meal with friends at a cooking party, or put on an apron and join the fun!

Get in touch with Elayne to learn more about Pampered Chef.


Elayne Oligschlaeger

Honored to be Your independent Pampered Chef Consultant

303-926-7682 Office

303-868-9524 Cell

order online 24/7 at


Elayne is a member of the Denver Jewish Chamber of Commerce


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Rachel has a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Studies Education, is a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter and has over 20 years of Public Relations and Marketing experience. Since relocating to Colorado from California in 2018, she has co-founded two Jewish social groups: The Southeast Tribe and Colorado ASL Jew Crew. Rachel enjoys spending time with her loving husband and 2 kids, shopping for greeting cards with her mother, participating in walk-a-thons for various causes close to her heart and salsa dancing the night away!

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