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MazelSpotlight: Bekerman Law Firm, P.C.

January 20, 2020

Meet Josh Bekerman.

A native of Colorado, having grown up in Aurora, Josh received his Bachelor of Science in both Accounting and Finance from the University of Colorado at Denver in 2007. He then went to Houston, Texas, and obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 2010, graduating with honors. Josh returned to Colorado and obtained his LL.M. in Taxation from the University of Denver in 2011 and opened Bekerman Law Firm, PC shortly thereafter.

Josh is the grandchild of four Holocaust Survivors. He is married to Ilyse Bekerman, who teaches preschool at Rodef Shalom and they have a 15 month old daughter, Marley Bekerman.  They live in Aurora and are members of Temple Emanuel. Josh is involved in the Jewish Chamber of Commerce and always looking for ways to help in the Jewish Community. 

Josh is an attorney practicing in Denver and surrounding areas. He is very passionate about helping his clients and their families through what can be very emotional and stressful experiences.  Let’s learn more about Josh and the Bekerman Law Firm…

Tell us about your firm.

The Bekerman Law Firm, PC, is a law firm that specializes in estate planning, probate, elder law, tax resolution and bankruptcy. The estate planning is focused around the average person as a client, as Josh truly believes that everyone needs to have an estate plan no matter the size of their estate. The estate planning practice consists of the following: Wills, Medical Power of Attorney, Financial Power of Attorney, Trusts and other various documents. Josh handles both formal and informal probate cases. My practice of elder law consists of appointments of guardianship and conservatorships. In addition, I handle both bankruptcy cases and tax resolutions issues.  

What sets your office apart?

One area that sets me apart from a lot of estate planning attorneys is that I also offer probate services. In the tax resolution area, I offer installment plans, offer-in-compromises, as well as other tax services. As far as bankruptcy services go, I provide legal services in regard to Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies.  

What makes your business special and unique? 

My firm offers all services on a flat fee basis and at very competitive rates. In addition, I perform all of the work myself from the client intake to the resolution of the issue. This allows my clients to know their case is being handled with the utmost care. It also allows my clients to know what the fee is upfront and not have them worry about what it could be.

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal referral or client is really anyone as everyone needs to have an estate plan and, unfortunately, has to deal with probate at some point. In addition, anyone that has tax issues and owes the IRS or State is a great client. Or, anyone that has a lot of debt and not enough income to resolve it is also a great potential client.

How do you work hard to give your clients the best service?

I work hard to give my clients the best service by making sure that I handle every part of the case from the intake stage through the resolution phase of the case. I always strive to respond to phone calls within 24 hours and even work on the weekend. I care about my clients and their issues as if they were my own and strive to obtain the best outcome in every case. 

Do you provide assistance with funding assets into a Living Trust?

I not only helps create the Living Trust, but also assist with funding the assets into the Living Trust and do so with a flat upfront costs. 

Do you offer formal updating and maintenance programs?

I do assist in updating all estate planning documents and helps to make sure that they stay updated. 

What are some steps to get new parents started?

As a new parent, everything seems like a daunting task. However, it is extremely important to plan for your family’s future. Even if there are little assets to be planned for, it is still extremely important to plan for the unexpected and make sure that your new child is taken care of if something were to happen unexpectedly. One way that estate planning can help make sure your new child is taken care of, is by appointing a guardian in case something were to happen to you. 

Josh can help with this by providing a free one hour consultation and working on the estate planning for a low flat fee to be paid on an installment agreement if needed. All that is required, is for you to call him today and setup your free consultation!

Contact Information:

Bekerman Law Firm, PC

3900 E Mexico Ave.

Suite 300

Denver, CO 80210

Phone: (720) 324-0565



Bekerman Law Firm is a member of the Denver Jewish Chamber of Commerce.

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