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Meet a MazelMaker – Sharon Golden

May 28, 2019

Meet Sharon Golden. Sharon has lived in Colorado most of her life, mostly in the Denver area. She now resides in Lafayette with her husband, Howard, and nine year old son and daughter. Sharon met Howard, originally from Cleveland, at the Mosaic Jewish Outdoor Club’s national event. What a fun place to meet a like-minded mate!

The family stays active hiking, snowshoeing and camping with the kids. Family is very important to the Goldens and they spend lots of time celebrating Jewish holidays and celebrations. Fortunately, Sharon’s family is in Boulder and Denver and Howard’s family lives in Kansas, so they’re close in distance and their attachment.

The Golden’s opened up their home to two other Mazel members and their families this past Pesach. Let’s hear about Sharon’s Passover of past and present.

What’s your favorite part about Passover?

My favorite part of Passover is being together with family and extended cousins.  Mostly being together, sharing traditions and learning new ideas.

Do you have any fond childhood memories of Passover Seders?  

I remember my brother and I getting together to finish the Seder even if everyone else was done. We all remember my brother enthusiastically singing “Dayenu” with lots of extra “enu’s “to keep it going. My brother-in-law keeps it going now as he is very much a part of our family.

I miss my mom, her cooking and calling her to the table to join us. This even makes me miss the old Maxwell house Haggadahs.

What feeling did you try to create at your family Passover Seder?

Since we had little ones at our Seder as well as kids my children’s age, I tried to make it festive and welcoming. We read from our family Haggadah, but also included lots of songs. We shortened the Seder a bit so everyone could enjoy the festive meal before they were tuckered out.

Well in that case, how long did it take to find the Afikomen?  

Too fast, but they had fun.

How did it feel opening up your home to Mazel members in the area?

Two other families of 4 joined us. Bethany, the MazelTogether Community Organizer, connected us all. One with two small kids under the age of 4 and the other with kids close to our kids age. We have since gotten together again with one of the families which is so great! Both of them were super nice interfaith couples, very much dedicated to both religions and learning about the Jewish holiday of Passover. It felt wonderful being together as one big group.

What’s your favorite Passover tune?

Besides “Dayenu”, I still love “The Frog Song” which I taught my preschool class and to my own children years ago.


The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

The Golden family opened up their house and hearts to meeting new friends.  Thank you for sharing your Passover story, Sharon. Wishing you all a great summer of fun ahead with your new friends!

What are some unique ways that you can be hospitable to those around you this week? Have you signed up to be a Mazel H.O.S.T. (Host of Summery Things) yet?

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Rachel has a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Studies Education, is a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter and has over 20 years of Public Relations and Marketing experience. Since relocating to Colorado from California in 2018, she has co-founded two Jewish social groups: The Southeast Tribe and Colorado ASL Jew Crew. Rachel enjoys spending time with her loving husband and 2 kids, shopping for greeting cards with her mother, participating in walk-a-thons for various causes close to her heart and salsa dancing the night away!

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