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Sports, school and growing — lots of growing — are what life is all about when you have kids. Your connections now revolve around their busy schedules. MazelTogether will help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of your family’s Jewish identity and connect you to others who are going through the same stages in life. Login or register to learn more.

Have No Fear… Passover Takeout Is Here!

Rachel Braver
April 17, 2019

Are you working overtime?  Is your schedule jam packed with PTA meetings, TOT Shabbats, dance classes, boy scout activities and religious school?  Are you …

Passover Cleaning In A Unique Place

Rabbi Amanda Schwartz
April 15, 2019

Anyone who has ever met with me in my office knows that I am not a very organized person.  I am very good at organizing people and keeping details for …

Why are these lunches different from all other lunches?

Rachel Braver
April 12, 2019

As Passover approaches, I’m taken back to memories of my childhood growing up in Anaheim, California.  I’ll never forget the rectangular shaped shiny …

MazelTogether has been a great place for me to get information about what’s happening in the Denver Jewish community for my family.  I find out about so many great opportunities from the weekly newsletter and I love how helpful the Mazel Team is.  It’s been a great resource and such a good point of entry for any new family to the Denver area.


Meet families of all types and sizes who have kids 4 years and older.

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Welcome back! If you’re living with kids, we’re just the place to connect with others who can relate! Check out the blog, find a peer-created gathering or sign up for an activity or class at one of MazelTogether’s partner organizations today.