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Meet A MazelMaker- Jayne Berman

November 27, 2019

Meet Jayne Berman


Jayne decided it was time for a night out on the town with her gal pals.  We’ve all been there, some more frequently than others. Let’s check out the fun had by Jayne and her tribe…

What did you and your gal pals do for “Girls Night Out”?

We went out for a lovely dinner and drinks.

How did it feel to take off your mom hat for the evening?

It is always fun to go out with other adults and take the mom hat off. I don’t have to cut anyone’s food when I am with my friends!

Did you set any parameters for conversation topics?

We don’t have conversation perimeters. Anything goes!

How did you find your Tribe?

The tribe came about from having similar age boys and shared senses of humor.



Sounds like a good time was had by all!  Are you in need of a Mom’s Night Out? A Dad’s Night Out?
Here are some fun ideas for you and your friends…

  • Check out that new restaurant you’ve been eyeing
  • Take a bike ride through Wash Park and get a treat at Bonnie Brae’s Ice Cream shop (most of the offerings at Bonnie Brae are kosher certified)
  • Try on of those wine and paint night events at Sipping N’ Painting
  • Mama’s Challah Bake
  • Attend a concert at your local shul
  • Grab a bagel and coffee at Rosenberg’s Deli
  • Make it a game night
  • Watch “Wine Country” on Netflix over a few glasses of Manischewitz
  • Grab some nosh and gather together for an Escape Room adventure
  • Sip some java at the local coffee shop with your Jewish book club


After speaking with Jayne, I’m definitely inspired to start a Mom’s Night Out group in my neck of the woods. It’ll be called L.M.N.O.P…Let’s Mom’s Night Out Pronto!


What’s your favorite thing to do on a Night Out? Do you have a regularly scheduled Moms’ Night Out? Dad’s Hangout? Ready to start one? Hopefully this post has encouraged you to think about hosting an upcoming gathering. MazelTogether is here to support you to make it happen!

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Rachel has a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Studies Education, is a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter and has over 20 years of Public Relations and Marketing experience. Since relocating to Colorado from California in 2018, she has co-founded two Jewish social groups: The Southeast Tribe and Colorado ASL Jew Crew. Rachel enjoys spending time with her loving husband and 2 kids, shopping for greeting cards with her mother, participating in walk-a-thons for various causes close to her heart and salsa dancing the night away!

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