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How To Find A Haggadah In Denver

April 1, 2019

When you start planning your seder a few things cross your mind… who should I invite? Where will I get all the chairs?! Jarred gefilte fish or fresh?

But if you don’t host seder regularly, you may have an additional concern – what haggadah do I use and where can I find it? If you are reading this well in advance, you still have time to order some online but if you need to find a haggadah in Denver, we have you covered.

In recent years, the Jewish bookstores and synagogue gift shops have started to disappear. It’s getting harder and harder to find haggadot in Denver. We are sharing a few places that carry them in Denver (call in advance to make sure they aren’t sold out) and some online resources.

Where to find a Haggadah in Denver

  1. The BMH-BJ gift shop
    BMH-BJ not only has Haggadot but also a wide variety of anything you could need for Passover. Seder plates, matzah holders, even games! Call them at 303-951-8238 to find out when they are open!
  2. The Temple Emanuel gift shop
    Like BMH-BJ – Temple Emanuel’s gift shop is well stocked with Haggadot, seder plates, and all sorts of things you need for any holiday. Call them at 303-316-9869 to get their hours!
  3. East Side Kosher Deli
    ESKD has a limited supply of Haggadot available.
  4. The Bookies Bookstore 
    Bookies has a limited supply of Haggadot available.
  5. The Tattered Cover Book Store
    Tattered Cover has a large selection of Haggadot online and in store. Call before you go to ensure what you want is at the location you are headed!


Where to find a Haggadah online

If you want a broader selection or need a lot (remember each person should have one haggadah), consider ordering yours in advance. Here are some themed Haggadot that you might be interested in:

  1. Sammy Spider’s First Haggadah – Sammy leads young children through the steps of the Passover seder, telling the story of the Exodus, asking and answering the Four Questions, and sampling the traditional foods. Includes creative readings and songs, as well as colorful paper collage art by Katherine Janus Kahn.
  2. Our Haggadah: Uniting Traditions for Interfaith Families – Cokie Roberts and Steven V. Roberts offer a unique, personalized vision of the traditional Passover Haggadah, combining their own family traditions with favorites from other families in a fun, intimate guide written especially for couples of mixed faiths. A fresh and informative tour through the rituals of the Pesach Seder as well as a compelling rendition of the Exodus story, Our Haggadah is the perfect book for any interfaith family celebrating Passover.
  3. A Family Haggadah For Families With Young Children – With just the right blend of text and commentary, the popular A Family Haggadah, with new full-color art, is the haggadah of choice for families with young children to use at their Passover seders. Hebrew prayers and songs include English translations and transliterations.
  4. Family Haggadah: A Seder for All Generations – With its easy-to-follow format and glorious full-color illustrations, this is the ideal choice for a home seder attended by lots of children or a congregational model seder. In just 40 pages, Family Haggadah presents all the key elements of the seder in a child-friendly way that will charm everyone at the table. Including suggested techniques for involving young children in the service, popular children’s Passover songs, enjoy group discussion and learning opportunities, and keep the children engaged–all in just 45 minutes.
  5. A Passover Haggadah: Second Revised Edition – The Baskin Haggadah is a classic and will remind you of seders long gone.
  6. The Artscroll Children’s Haggadah – Specifically written for children ages 4-8, the full Hebrew text of the Haggadah is accompanied by a child-oriented, yet accurate English translation. There are clear, precise instructions that will guide the child through every stage of the Seder. And, each page contains a box that provides additional information about the Pesach narrative for the interested youngster.
  7. The Family Haggadah – Combines economy, accuracy, and the famed ArtScroll elegance. Printed in two colors, it includes the full text and ArtScroll translation, plus instructions, notes and an introduction. Convenient and inexpensive; ideal for groups.
  8. New American Haggadah – Jonathan Safran Foer has orchestrated a new way of experiencing and understanding one of our oldest, most timeless, and sacred stories, with a new translation of the traditional text by Nathan Englander and provocative commentary by major Jewish writers and thinkers Jeffrey Goldberg, Lemony Snicket, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, and Nathaniel Deutsch. Ravishingly designed and illustrated by the acclaimed Israeli artist and calligrapher Oded Ezer, New American Haggadah is an utterly unique and absorbing prayer book, the first of its kind, that brings together some of the preeminent voices of our time.


And the ultimate in DIY – Make your own haggadah! Using this tool online, you can make a haggadah that resonates for you and your family!


So tell us – what haggadah did you use growing up? What haggadah do you plan to use this year?

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Talia Haykin is a Denver based freelance writer, social media strategist, and reformed actor. She is also the mom of a (very handsome) little boy, (extremely adorable) little girl, and pup, Soba Schnoodle. In her free time (ha) she and her husband grow thousands of pounds of food each season and make award-winning hard apple cider. She also occasionally blogs at Talia, She Wrote.

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