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Gryffindor, Cauldrons and Wizards… Oh My!

April 10, 2019

Have you been looking to make your Seder more magical?  Well look no further. We caught up with Jessica Rothschild of Englewood who hosted a Harry Potter themed Seder a couple of years ago for her family and close friends.  

Find out how she Potter-ized her Seder:

First of all, how did you come up with this truly magical idea?  My kids helped me pick a theme that they were interested in and Harry Potter was being devoured in our house at the time.

How did you decorate your home to set the mood and make it suitably magical?  Were there talking portraits and floating candles?  I wanted to decorate my house and had pinned ideas on Pinterest, but I sadly ran out of time as Passover is a time consuming holiday as it is!  We focused on a themed menu and table that was decorated.

As a mother of two you most likely didn’t have the time to handwrite guest invitations in the style of Hogwarts letters.  

How did you get the word out?  We didn’t handwrite invitations but instead just asked family and friends to join us via email and phone.

Were the guests asked to come dressed for the part?  I’m guessing there were plenty of glasses, robes and scarves!  Kids were encouraged to come dressed as their favorite characters; we had many Harry Potters and one Hermione.

Nosh is such a crucial part of the Jewish world.  What was on the menu?
Forbidden Forest Veggies, Quaffle Ball Soup, Dragon Eggs, Bitter Herbs with Moaning Myrtle’s Tears, Baked Magical Creatures (it would have been taking it too far to call the chicken and brisket “baked magical creatures”),Chocolate Frogs and Sorcerer’s Sweets.  

Did you use a specific themed Haggadah?  Did you feel that having a theme helped to engage your guests of all ages?  I did buy the Harry Potter Haggadah and cooked a few pages.  We tried to keep the ceremonial part really brief on the second night, especially with so many young kids there.

Last but not least….how are you going to top it this year?  I’m not hosting this year.  The kids liked it but my parents prefer a traditional Seder, so I’ll delay that decision until next year.  We did do a Dr. Seuss themed Seder the year before and that was fun too!


Thanks to Jessica, there’s no need to schlep to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  You can explore the mysteries of Hogwarts castle from the comfort of your very own home! Personally I haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books in the series yet, but it appears the running theme is quite similar to the Jewish people…overcoming dangerous obstacles to defeat those dark wizards.

Would you be up for hosting a Harry Potter themed Seder next year?  If so, here’s the link to purchase The (unofficial) Hogwarts Haggadah

What other themes would be fun for the whole family?  The Dr. Seuss theme sounds fun but I’m not sure serving green eggs and ham would fly.  How does green eggs and brisket sound?

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Rachel has a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf Studies Education, is a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter and has over 20 years of Public Relations and Marketing experience. Since relocating to Colorado from California in 2018, she has co-founded two Jewish social groups: The Southeast Tribe and Colorado ASL Jew Crew. Rachel enjoys spending time with her loving husband and 2 kids, shopping for greeting cards with her mother, participating in walk-a-thons for various causes close to her heart and salsa dancing the night away!

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