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Meet Jennifer Abrams, Concierge At Your Service

November 19, 2019

Just like a hotel concierge’s job is to enhance guests stay at the hotel and help them discover the destination, so is that of the MazelTogether’s Concierge role fabulously handled by Jennifer Abrams.

MazelTogether exists to ensure that metro-Denver families with children ages 0-5 find their people, place and path in Jewish life.  We are a concierge, a resource center that builds bridges for families to learn about and access meaningful Jewish programming and facilitate intentional connections with other families.

Looking for a local Tot Shabbat?  Are you an Interfaith family looking to connect with others?  Are you pregnant and in need of a local Mohel? Did your family just relocate to Colorado?  Are you in search of other LBGTQI+ families?  New to Parenthood?

As the first point of contact for MazelTogether, Jennifer is your go-to-girl! 

Let’s get to know Jenn! Tell us about yourself and your family!

 My husband and I met through a mutual friend while we were living in Chicago post college. We both went to separate undergrads there. We have two daughters, Ayla, age nine and a half, and Eden, age seven. We also have a dog, Polly, who I often tell my kids is my favorite because she doesn’t talk back to me, is always happy to see me and eats whatever I feed her! 

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I worked a few years in the Early Childhood Program at JCC Chicago, but the majority of my career has been spent working in pediatric medical settings. We moved to Colorado from the Chicago suburbs in December 2016 for my husband’s job. I was resistant to the move here initially, but love the life we have built here in Colorado. I miss Chicago often, but don’t miss the cold, grey Midwest winters.

How did you find out about MazelTogether?

I found MazelTogether the same way that many of our members do today – through a Google search when we were considering a move out to Colorado. At the time my kids were six and three and a half and I wanted to make sure that if we did make the move, I would be able to find connections to the Jewish community and meet other young families quickly.

I emailed back and forth a few times with the program manager at the time and also had a phone conversation with him. I asked as many questions as I could think-info on the congregations, preschools, elementary schools, neighborhoods, etc. I was interested in learning about the Jewish preschools in the area and he helped me connect with families who had children in the programs I was looking at.

How long have you been working with the organization? What is your favorite aspect of the job?

I started working for MazelTogether in July 2018. I love talking to and meeting new people, especially those that are in a new phase or transition in life, be it that they just moved here, had a new baby, or are just looking for additional connections to the Denver Jewish community. Everyone has a unique story, but the more we connect, the more we realize how similar we all are.

No one really talks about how as we age, it becomes harder to find peer connections. As parents of young children, we’re so quick to put our needs aside to manage our kids’ needs. I did that when I first moved here, making sure they were settled and comfortable and had their “people.” It took me awhile to do that for myself. I love that I can help introduce members to one another and help reduce that isolation that’s so easy to feel as a busy parent.

As the first point of contact, what do you want people to know?  

MazelTogether exists to help couples and young families find their people, path and place. We know everyone’s needs are unique so I am there to help answer any questions our members have. Some may just want info on events our partnering organizations are hosting; others just want to better understand the Denver Jewish community and others may want help connecting with other families like them. No question is silly and we’re happy to be here to help you on your way.

It’s also great that we have the ability to provide microgrants to help you create a gathering of your own. I really love that we have the flexibility to help young Jewish families live Jewishly however they feel comfortable.

Do you have any memorable moments that you’d like to share? 

I recently had coffee with a new member who had just moved here from New York City. She found it hard to believe that a huge part of my job is to just meet and have coffee with our members. She thought there had to be a catch or some kind of string attached. Who makes time to have one on one coffee dates with new members? That’d be unheard of in a larger city. I had that same feeling when I first started the job as well; but I think that’s what’s unique about our program and about the Jewish community here in Denver. I’ve grown to love the part of my job that lets me stop what I’m doing and take the time to get to know someone new. 

How would you describe the Jewish vibe in Colorado?

When I initially moved here from the Chicago area, I was worried that the community felt smaller than what I was familiar with coming from Chicago, as there are fewer congregations, etc. But I’ve grown to see that the Jewish community here is very strong and very vibrant. People are engaged and welcoming. As Colorado’s population continues to grow, I think the Jewish community will only continue to grow with it.

With your transition to your role as Concierge, what are you most looking forward to?

I look forward to meeting the members I haven’t yet met and to help them on their way to feeling connected here in the Denver Jewish Community. If you haven’t already, reach out and I’ll happily take you to coffee!

Jenn is fantastic with handling everyday requests, has extensive knowledge of the Colorado Jewish community and has terrific interpersonal and MazelTogether member relation skills.  She is always prepared to meet members’ needs and goes above and beyond to ensure that questions are answered in a timely and friendly manner. Her customer service skills are top notch!

If you’re interested in meeting your neighbors, reach out to Jenn and she’ll help make it happen!  While she won’t be available to make restaurant reservations for you or arrange for your spa services, Jenn will be there for you to help you navigate Colorado Jewish life, your way.  


Your People.  Your Path. Your Place.


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