MazelTogether FAQs


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Who can sign up for

Any family living in the seven county Denver area (Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas or Jefferson) with at least one adult who identifies as Jewish can sign up for

What happened to

In the fall of 2016, was re-branded and re-launched as MazelTogether. As the program’s demographics changed to include couples (newlywed and long-term committed relationships) and kids up to age 8, the brand did not feel welcoming to these new demographics. The new MazelTogether takes what was learned from the first seven years of and brings a new discount model, peer-to-peer opportunities and articles that are relevant to you and your life journey.

How do I sign up?

Click on “Join” to create your account. Once you submit the enrollment information on the sign up page, you will receive an email with a one-time login link. Use that link to return to and set your permanent password. Be sure to choose something that you can remember!

What are the benefits of MazelTogether?

  1. Weekly emails containing relevant information important to you as an individual and no-strings-attached access to local events and gatherings in your community.
  2. Online resources to educate and inform you define your Jewish heritage and connections.
  3. Opportunities and resources to allow you to create your own experiences and invite others with similar interests to join peer-created and peer-led events.
  4. The opportunity to find others like you through all of the resources we provide online, via email and social media to continue defining your meaningful life.

How do I redeem a discount?

Coming soon…

Does MazelTogether collect money?

No, you will pay the organizations directly, offline, at a rate that reflects the MazelTogether discount you received. If you request a MazelFlash discount, you still need to register through our partner organization to reserve your space.

What if I request a discount on the wrong activity?

Until an organization confirms and processes your discount, you can always cancel your request. Once a discount has been confirmed and processed, it cannot be canceled.

What happened to the offer of subscriptions to the PJ Library?

Subscriptions to the PJ Library are now available through JEWISHcolorado, sign up here for free Jewish books for your child up to eight years old.

Who created MazelTogether?

MazelTogether is a nondenominational, no-obligation Jewish Life initiative of Rose Community Foundation in collaboration with 40 Jewish organizations and congregations throughout Greater Denver and Boulder.